'55 Buick Back Seat Boy

by David Komisar

This poem appears in Vol. 1 #2 (Spring/Summer 1998) of Men's Voices journal.
 Men's Voices: So men can find their voices and speak their truths


In the darkness of the night

light and shadow play

on the back of the front seat of the car

As we drive somewhere -

to some aunt-and-uncle dinner


back from some drive-down-to-the-coast day trip -

I lay on the back seat

of our '55 medium green and white two door Buick Special

and watch the sagging 'phone and electric wires shadow

play up and down,

and the light and dark

like a window shade opening and closing

as we travel between the telephone poles.

Oh, joyous memories, I am yours.

- David Komisar, 3/10/98


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