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As of the end of February 1999, according to Infoseek, about a thousand Web sites have linked to MenWeb. We view these votes of support by other sites as our highest award. We've also been cited in the New York Times (11/23/99), Scientific American On-line (June 1999), Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, MSNBC and other media. Here are some of the awards that MenWeb has garnered ...

MHN 3-Stars!
for MenWeb
MHN 3-Stars!
For MenWeb sub-site
Male Survivors of
Child Sexual Abuse
WWWA Top 10 Site Medinex Seal of Approval Surfers' Choice Blue Diamond award

Jayde Silver Diamond Award
Jayde's Silver Diamond Award
LOS ANGELES TIMES PICK This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on 6/9/97.

Jayde is one of the most selective award sites on the Web and chooses only the very best of the hundreds of sites submitted weekly. We are pleased to offer you our Silver Diamond Award. We review deserving sites on the basis of design, style and content. The site received a high rating from our reviewers in all 3 areas. Congratulations on an outstanding site and an informative web resource.

Critical Mass:
A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A *worthy* enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.

Luckman's Best of the Web
Luckman's Best of the Web
Jung Index award
StudyWeb is one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers. Since 1996 our professional reviewers have been scouring the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWeb's reviews.

The Warrior Shield Award

awarded to MenWeb in recognition of excellence in service to men.
06 March 1999

Golden Pen Award: Excellence in on-line publishing
Golden Pen Award
Excellence in on-line publishing
Luminescence Cum Laude Award
Luminescence Cum Laude Award
Excellence in design, content, and website structure
Heartland Award for Excelence
Syop Gold Award
A Man's Life - Fully Approved for Manly Use Market-Tech Design Award

Heartland Award of Excellence
Sites that benefit society or the individual in some way.
... an outstanding achievement in web site design, both in appearance and content ... reflecting the highest standards of creative professionalism on the World Wide Web. ... at the pinnacle of web site design. A very resourceful and informative site.

Abuse Intervention
Abuse Intervention

Excellence in Information A Designated
A Designated Single's Stop
Single's Stop
Dayton Internet
Cool Site award
[ .Creative Web Designs. | .Free COOL Animation. ]  NGI Cool Site Award Key Resource
Links2Go Key Resource
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