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Death, Birth

and Transformation in the Men's Movement

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In a nutshell:

I yielded to strong sentiment on the Seattle MEN Board that I step away from M.E.N. Magazine. This was, ultimately, a very rewarding "letting go" process for me. It also provides an example of the kinds of things that come up when men organize to do Men's Work together.

Not long ago, Jim Bracewell, founder of the Orlando Men's Center and co-creator of the Florida Men's Gathering went through a similar experience, when chaotic events at the recent 6th Annual Florida Men's Gathering devolved into chaos. I have heard of similar problems at men's centers and men's gatherings around the country. How and why do these things happen, if men of good heart are trying to organize to offer and promote Men's Work in their communities?

This section of MenWeb, "Death, Birth and Transformation in the Men's Movement," will explore this question, by telling the stories of the Seattle and Florida events. Jim and I hope that our experiences will provide lessons for other jurisdictions, and stimilate discussion in the Men's Work community.

"Men's Movement to Earth": The MEN Magazine Experience:

Men's Movement to Earth, Poem delivered as the Report from the Editor to the Seattle MEN Board at its January meeting, by Bert H. Hoff, former Editor, MEN Magazine

Updated 5/11/97

The Florida Experience:

Thoughts on Accountability in Men's Work by Don Dietz, President, The Montgomery Men's Center, Inc. and Conference Coordinator, The Alabama Men's Gathering

A Letter of Resignation by Jim Bracewell, founder, Orlando Men's Council, MEN ALIVE AND WELL! and The Alabama Men's Gathering

Thoughts on Eldership and Sacredness by Robert Wootton

Updated 5/11/97

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