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This poem appeared in the July 1996 issue of M.E.N. Magazine

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T.A. Delmore is the author of Ecllipsing F: Crow Poems in Three Parts
Eclipsing Crow book cover
(for Bert Hoff)

The first must have been
before I was conceived-
God knew me before that moment.
Conception was next,
that union creating one,
in my case twins.
When I was born
in pain, was a true blessing.

Here it gets tricky-
my memories lost from birth
to five or so.
There's a mom's blessing
and a dad's blessing (never
a sure thing). Birth
is no entitlement.
I learned to bless myself
by six, never sure why.

There are blessings that come
like seraphim, and cherubim.
Ones that rest in friendship
are always a true blessing.
But there must be billions
that hover from nonrecognition-
waiting, not dissolving
till brought from hover to landing
resting forever in God's chosen.
T.A. Delmore

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