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Are there differences between girls and boys, other than the obvious biological one? Are these differences culturally induced, or "hard-wired" into boys? What does this mean for parents, educators and community leaders who are involved in boys' lives? These themes are explored in the lead article in this section of MenWeb, an interview with Michael Gurian, author of The Wonder of Boys.

Good Sons A MenWeb Men's Community photo essay inspired by the newsgroup's discussion of Michael Gurian's book The Good Son. Click here to see a beautiful and moving collection of photos that remind us of what good sons are all about, and what they have to offer.

Luis Rodruíguez, an award-winning poet, has worked with Michael Meade at multicultural events for youth for a number of years. Portions of his memoir, Always Running: The Vida Loco, Gang Days in LA (order on-line) have appeared as spots on National Public Radio. During my interview with him Luis said he wrote his story in hopes of helping keep his son and his "homies" out of trouble. Here's the interview.

The next two articles are personal stories, from a mother and a single father, about the challenges of raising boys.

The next article is by the father of a boy with Attention Deficit Disorder and Turette's Syndrome. Followed by two articles about fathers of kids with special needs.


The Wonder of Boys: An Interview with Michael Gurian, by Bert H. Hoff.

Good Sons. A photo essay created by the MenWeb Men's Community Newsgroup and inspired by Michael Gurian's book The Good Son, by Bert H. Hoff.

Some Troubling Facts About Boys, excerpted from Aaron Kipnis' book Angry Young Men.

Gang Youth, Art and Soul, An Interview with Luis Rodruíguez by Bert H. Hoff

Where Are the Boys? by Christina Hoff Sommers. Speech based on the themes of her book The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men.

 The Myth That Schools Shortchange Girls: Social Science in the Service of Deception, by Prof. Judith E. Kleinfeld. The AAUW study How Schools Shortchange Girls is false political propaganda, Dr. Kleinfeld documents.

Raising Male Chauvinist Pigs, by CarolAnn Jarnagin. A mother looks at her husband's role in raising sons.

Holding Levi's Hand, by Craig Scott Weiss

ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder in boys and adults. A special MenWeb section.

Wyrd Kids and Planetary Survival, an article about the "differentness" of boys with ADD or Tourette syndrome, that also speaks to men with adult ADD.


Our Schools and "Attention Different" Boys The Challenge of ADD A chat with George T. Lynn

Ritalin: Violence Against Boys Drug is being used to sedate active, young boys
Article in The Massachusetts News points out the dangers of Ritalin and suggests that Ritalin causes violence. Extensive quotes from Dr. Peter Bpreggin, author of Talking Back to Ritalin Order on-line and Talking Back to Prozac Order on-line

Letter From a Learning Disabled Kid. 15-year-old Launches World-Class Web Site to Help Others.

Images of Fathers, by James May. It begins, "As the Project Director for the National Fathers' Network, I have spent the past ten years crisscrossing the country helping set up support groups for fathers of children with special needs. ... It has been a grand time, both in terms of seeing much of this country and the diverse people who inhabit it, but also in meeting men who share a common experience, endeavoring to be the best possible dads for their children with disabling conditions or chronic illness. I have been touched and often moved to tears hearing the stories these men share with each other. When I reflect on these travels, I find poignant images and memories full of wonder and delight, all saying something important about fathers and their desire to be competent, concerned caretakers. "

The Big Game. Here's one of the stories James May found, or rather, that found James May. It's one of over 40 stories on James' Fathers Network site.

Check out our sections on Fathering and Fathers


Michael Gurian, Boys and Girls Learn Differently! A Guide for Teachers and Parents
Order on-line

Michael Gurian, The Wonder of Boys: What Parents, Mentors and Educators Can Do to Shape Boys into Exceptional Men.
   Interview with the author
MP3 Webcast of excerpts
Order on-line
Order audio tape

Christina Hoff Sommers, The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men
Order on-line
Book cover
The Good Son: Shaping the Moral Development of Our Boys and Young Men ,
by Michael Gurian
Order on-line
Order audio book on-line
Book cover
George T. Lynn Survival Strategies for Parenting Your ADD Child

Article Wyrd Kids and Planetary Survival

Order on-line

Steve Biddulph,
Raising Boys : Why Boys Are Different-And How to Help Them Become Happy and Well-Balanced Men
Order on-line

Michael Gurian, A Fine Young Man: What Parents, Mentors, and Educators Can Do to Shape Adolescent Boys into Exceptional Men.
Order on-line Hard cover Paperback
Book cover
Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers, and Counselors can Help "Bad Boys" become Good Men
by Aaron Kipnis

Info about the book
Order on-line
Lost Boys book cover
James Garbarino, Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them

Review, More information
Order on-line
Raising Cain book cover
Dan Kindlon, Ph.D. and Michael Thompson, Ph.D., Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

More information
Order on-line
What Stories Does My Son Need?
What Stories Does My Son Need?: A Guide to Books and Movies That Build Character in Boys
by Michael Gurian, Terry Trueman
Order on-line
200 Ways to Raise a Boy's Emotional Intelligence book cover
Will Glennon, Jeanne Elium, Don Elium, 200 Ways to Raise a Boy's Emotional Intelligence: An Indispensible Guide for Parents, Teachers & Other Concerned Caregivers
Order on-line

Real Boys: Rescuing Our Boys from the Myths of Boyhood
by William Pollack

Review and synopsis from

Order on-line
Order audio tape

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FatherLove banner

FatherLove, created by Craig Scott Brooks-Weiss, is the central information source for fathering in the Puget Sound area. "FatherLove is a grassroots organization committed to encouraging and strengthening positive father-child relationships. We work to improve the often negative social perception of men as nurturers. Men, women, fathers & mothers, service providers, and the community in general need to learn about the healing, transformative power and realistic benefits of fathers' attention and love. FatherLove provides information, research summaries, training and other resources to all of these groups, in order to create opportunities for fathers to engage meaningfully in their children's lives."

A Father's Journal

A Father's Journal is "one man's attempt to ride the ship of fatherhood through the turbulent sea of culture." This man has written his thoughts on being a father in three volumes: Becoming a Father, Settling In, and Looking Out.

National Fathers’ Network

James May has been a man with a passion, and heart, working in the Seattle area (and nationally) for years and years, supporting fathers of children with special needs. Fathers of Down Syndrome kids, for example, face unique challenges. It's a delightful gift to the world, that he is able to offer his help, support and encouragement through this Web site as well.


The National Fathers' Network (NFN) advocates for and provides resources and support to all men who have children with special health care needs. The National Fathers' Network is supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. The Washington State Fathers' Network is funded by the Office of Children with Special Health Care Needs, Washington State Department of Health. Thanks for joining us and welcome to our web site. Do become a part of one of the fastest growing support organizations in the United States.

Click here to check out an incredible and moving collection of over 40 powerful, personal stories of men - fathers - and the joys and challenges of fathering a special child.


Divorced Dads

The Divorced Dads site has a bulletin board, articles, and the like. In one poem, "Ode to Dads," a mother writes of the inequalities a divorced dad faces.


Fathering Magazine

An on-line magazine of articles, information and links for fathers.



FatherNet has a wide range of articles for fathers and research and policy papers going back to 1991, when the Children, Youth, and Family Consortium at the University of Minnesota first began a Gopher site. It also has the electronic continuation of Family Re-Union III: The Role of Men in Children's Lives, a national conference on family policy moderated by Vice President Al Gore and co-sponsored by the Consortium and the Tennessee Department of Human Services.


National Center for Fathering

Today’s Father magazine provides an on-line presence and a wealth of tips and information on fathering. The mission of the National Center for Fathering is to inspire men to be better fathers and to develop practical resources to prepare dads for nearly every fathering situation.


Fathers’ Resource Center

The Fathers' Resource Center, a nonprofit family service agency in Minneapolis, has on on-line Fathering Times newsletter, a place for visitors to exchange tips for dads, and links to other resources. The Center takes a moderate stance which is pro-father but not at the expense of women.

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