A Child's Tear

by Deano


Nothing's ever hurt me
No pain I've ever known
Like the tear I saw escaping
My child's eye when I came home.
My child told me "Daddy,
It hurts when you're away.
It's another kind of pain
I don't know much about it.
But I know it's very strong
And it seems to be getting a little worse
Each day that you are gone."
I drew my child close to me
And as my child cried
My face was streaked with agony
As tears fell from my eyes
I whispered reassurance
And silently I prayed.
I prayed to God that destiny
Would not take me away.
For everything I treasure,
All I save throughout the years,
Nothing's more important
Than to save my child's tears.

       © 1997 by Deano

Dean Adam submitted this in a workshop on love and forgiveness at the Washington State Reformatory. He can be reached at #272579 B-3-2, P.O. Box 777, Monroe, WA 98272.

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