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Here are some articles, men's personal stories and poems that have to do with fathers and sons.

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Honoring our Father, by George A. Parks

The Other Father, by Daniel Deardorff

A Tree for My Father, by Tom Golden

On the Anniversary of My Father's Death, by Tom Golden

The Fathers I Found in the Woods, by Donald Davidson

Fathers and Daughters.
Women talk about the importance of fathers in their lives.

Images of Fathers, by James May. It begins, "As the Project Director for the National Fathers' Network, I have spent the past ten years crisscrossing the country helping set up support groups for fathers of children with special needs. ... It has been a grand time, both in terms of seeing much of this country and the diverse people who inhabit it, but also in meeting men who share a common experience, endeavoring to be the best possible dads for their children with disabling conditions or chronic illness. I have been touched and often moved to tears hearing the stories these men share with each other. When I reflect on these travels, I find poignant images and memories full of wonder and delight, all saying something important about fathers and their desire to be competent, concerned caretakers. "

Men's Stories


The Father I Carry With Me, by Fred Moramarco

Golf (a father story) by Chris Frey

Dad: Three Essays, by Steven Lerner

Pop's Farm, by Dan Frizzell

A Ritual for my Father by Bert H. Hoff

December 4, 1984, by James Dolan

My Father's Hand, by R. "On-the-Road Coyote" Prosapio

Rows of Corn by Robert Allbee

Remembering Pops by Daniel Lorey

Dad and Apple Pie by Keith Artz

Sometimes Its OK to Have Ice Cream by John D. Goldhammer.

The Other Son by Sheldon F. Katz

Foster Dad, by Neal Lemery. From Mentor Magazine.



"My Father Promised Me a Sword", by Thomas R. Smith.

The Boy Who Crawled, by Thomas R. Smith

Father comes into the living room ..., by Chris Aune

My Dad's Hands, by Bill Kelly

A Dad Thing, by T.A. Delmore

Late for Thanksgiving Dinner, by Thomas R. Smith

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A Tree for My Father, Tom talks about a ritual he did on the death of his father.

On the Anniversary of My Father's Death, by Tom Golden

A Ritual for my Father, by Bert H. Hoff

A Man's Grief , An excerpt from Tom's book Swallowed by a Snake, which first appeared in the November 1994 issue of M.E.N. Magazine.

Men, Grief and Ritual, Another excerpt from Tom's book Swallowed by a Snake, which first appeared in the January 1995 issue of M.E.N. Magazine.

Swallowed by a Snake, A review of Tom's book.

Swallowed by a Snake, A review of an audiotape by Tom.

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Father of the Year Essays


FatherLove banner

Years ago, Craig Scott Brooks-Weiss wrote a little article for MenWeb and M.E.N. Magazine, "Holding Levi's Hand." Fired up with passion for fathering, he hasn't stopped since. While others talk about the diminishing roles of fathers, Craig is doing something about boosting positive images of fathers. He's created a FatherLove organization and Web site.

He got funding from Microsoft and support from 11 organizations (including state and county government and United Way) to run a Father of the Year "What My Father Means to Me" essay contest. Winners were honored at a Seattle Mariners game. The winning essays from the school kids (grades 1-12) are beautiful and moving. You can read them on-line at the FatherLove Web site.

Winning essays were featured in The Seattle Times in a story "What's in a Father?"

The Soputh County Journal ran a story "South County Students Pay Tributes to Dads".


FatherLove, created by Craig Scott Brooks-Weiss, is the central information source for fathering in the Puget Sound area. "FatherLove is a grassroots organization committed to encouraging and strengthening positive father-child relationships. We work to improve the often negative social perception of men as nurturers. Men, women, fathers & mothers, service providers, and the community in general need to learn about the healing, transformative power and realistic benefits of fathers' attention and love. FatherLove provides information, research summaries, training and other resources to all of these groups, in order to create opportunities for fathers to engage meaningfully in their children's lives."

Books on Fathers

Book cover
FatherLoss: How Sons of All Ages Come to Terms with the Deaths of Their Dads
by Neil Chethik
Order on-line
Book cover
Finding Our Fathers: How a Man's Life Is Shaped by His Relationship With His Father
by Samuel Osherson
Order on-line
Book cover
Letters to My Son: A Father's Wisdom on Manhood, Life, and Love
by Kent Nerburn
Order on-line

Absent Fathers, Lost Sons
by Guy Corneau
Order on-line

Books on fathering - click here

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