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For Nicholas

This poem appeared in the March 1996 issue of M.E.N. Magazine

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For Nicholas

by Fred Moramarco

In the walking light of Andalusia

where the water weeps through the night

I climb the cobbled steps of the Albacin

with my son. His eyes burn with poems.

The earth pulls at our blood.

We find a Moroccan teahouse,

sit in a corner and sip Pakistani tea

from tall, slim, silver-latticed glasses.

We talk of the strange turns of life

that have brought us to this place

in the shadows of the Alhambra

where cats roam the fabled stones.

Here, in Lorca's town, he is finding his life.

Our eyes meet in a glistening gleam.

I have always been here with him-

in Andalusia, where the light walks,

the water weeps, and my son's eyes burn with poems.

Fred Moramarco

from Men of Our Time: An Anthology of Male Poetry in Contemporary America Click here for more information on this anthology.

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