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Green Stalks of Gladiolus

Halim Dunsky

We danced in the ravine this morning

amid a choreography of trees

holding this little valley

safe in the fogs of winter,

a scratch in the earth

perpetuating against the suburbs

a remnant of slow time

We write in the cafe this afternoon

Green stalks of gladiolus arch and angle,

dance in a rhythm we barely remember

Luminous red flowers

bright trumpet shouts of blood

move imperceptibly,

open, reach, shrivel, darken

at a pace so slow

only a lover can apprehend it

While we bathe in noise,

while we shiver, and vibrate,

caging the panic with talk too loud,

living too fast for our short time,

these flowers, gone already

live longer than we do

Halim Dunsky

February, 1994

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