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from Talking with Our Brothers

Copyright © 1995 by George Taylor


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Sorry, the book is currently out of print. E-mail me if you eant to be notified if it is again available.

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CHAPTER 11: Men's Resources for Change

1. Books

Fairy Tales and Myths

King Warrior Magician Lover. Moore and Gillette. HarperCollins. New York. 1990. Many positive images of men and a sympathetic analysis of our psyches.Iron John. Robert Bly. Harper and Row. New York. 1990. The book that came from the material that started it all. How can you miss it? (order on-line)

The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Jack Zipes, translation. Bantam Books. 1987. The seminal work of the Grimms, seedbed of story lines and images. (order on-line)


Warrior's Journey Home: Healing Men, Healing the Planet. Jed Diamond. New Harbinger. Oakland. 1994. A book that inspires change and outlines a plan to get from here to there. This book provides an thoughtful analysis of violence and addiction, and shows how men can heal from these habits, from a pioneer in the men's movement. Order hardcover on-line Save 30% Order softcover on-line Save 20% Interviedw with Jed Diamond about this book: "Warriors and the Planet"

Manhood in the Making. David Gilmore. Yale University Press. 1990.Another sympathetic analysis of how men are trained to be the way we are. Fascinating, slightly academic and intelligent. (order on-line)


Of Water and the Spirit. Malidoma Somé. Tarcher-Putnam. 1994. An African shaman with a Western education describes his life in these two worlds. Order on-line: Book
      Audio Cassette

Betwixt and Between: Patterns of Masculine and Feminine Initiation. Louis Mahde, Stephen Foster and Meredith Little, eds. Open Court Publishing. 1987. An anthology of articles and descriptions of personal and tribal initiations, with information about how to create our own. (order hardcover on-line) (order trade paperback on-line)

Spiritual Life

Healing into Life and Death. Stephen Levine. Doubleday. 1987. A road map on how to work with illness, death and loss. Many valuable guided meditations. (order on-line) (audio cassette)

A Path with Heart. Jack Kornfield. Bantam. 1993. Stories, autobiographical and otherwise, by a leading western teacher of Buddhism. A man with heart has chosen inspirational stories and teachings to help us wake up to living life with attention and compassion. (order on-line)


News of the Universe. Robert Bly, ed. Sierra Club Books. 1980. A seminal collection of poetry on nature, mysticism, love and death, organized around Bly's thesis that nature poetry is re-emerging as a vital stream in Western poetry, after centuries of misuse and ignorance. (order on-line) (audio cassette)

Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart. Robert Bly, James Hillman and Michael Meade, eds. Harper Collins. 1992. A collection of poetry loved by men who have attended workshops with these three important teachers. (order on-line)


Conscious Loving. Gay Hendricks, PhD. and Katie Hendricks, PhD. Bantam. 1990. Excellent text for understanding body-oriented healing and for practicing truthtelling and non-blaming conversations. See especially the exercises in the back of the book. (order on-line)

2. Video:

A Gathering of Men. Bill Moyers. PBS. A poignant interview with Robert Bly explaining his work with men, intercut with workshop footage of men talking with each other and Bly.

3. Web resources Check out MenWeb's listing of resources for men on the Web.

4. Men's Centers

The best place to find a current listing of centers in your area is:

Menstuff:The National Men's Resource Calendar

MAS Medium Co.

Box 882

San Anselmo Ca 94960-0882

Phone Line: 415-453-2839. This quarterly has ceased hard-copy publication, but the information is now available on the Web.

This project of maintaining information on these groups is a massive on and all praise is due to Gordon Clay for his work on this.

The following is a list of centers which I am personally aware of:

West Coast Regional Centers

Bay Area Men's Centers:


Berkeley Men's Center

2925 Shattuck Ave.

Berkeley CA 94705


Marin County

Echo Rock Therapy Center Men's Program

45 Camino Alto

Mill Valley Ca 94941


Coordinator: George Taylor.

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

Redwood Men's Center

705 College Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA


East Coast

John Guarnaschelli

On the Common Ground

250 W. 57 St. #1527

New York, NY 10107

Here are some numbers I'm reprinting from Gordon.

Seattle Men's Wisdom Council. 206-454-1189

Portland Resource Center. 503-235-3433

Los Angeles Lost Dog Men's Council. 310-475-1069


Men's Council Project

Box 17341

Boulder CO 80301-0431


5. Publications and Periodicals

Men's Voices Journal. 7552 31st Ave. NE, Seattle WA 98115 (quarterly, $20/4 issues)

Brother to Brother. P.O. Box 1876, Nevada City Ca 95959

Journal of Men's Studies. Box 32, Harriman TN 37748. ($30)

Men's Center of Los Angeles Newsletter. 213-276-9598. $10

These activities are taken from a longer chapter in Talking with Our Brothers, about activities which you can use when your group appears to be stagnating or having communication problems. Sorry, the book is currently out of print. E-mail me if you eant to be notified if it is again available.

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