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From time to time, a particularly good media story on a men's issue appears in the media. MenWeb will republish these articles, with the kind permission of the original publisher, so that these journalistic gems don't just fade away after original publication

The first three items in this department will be an MSNBC report of an American Medical Association Journal article debunking myths about the "necessity" of circumcision, a Detroit News article on battered husbands, and a feature by syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, on women who batter men.

And speaking of "battered men," check out MenWeb's extensive section on battered men. Not only is there lots of information on the extent of the problem (well over 3/4 million men in the U.S. battered each year, according to a women's survey), but there's a page of information and help for battered men, and an extensive list of links to other resources, including an ABC news special, Mother Jones story and other interesting stories. Many of MenWeb's own articles focus on how gender-polarized the issue of battered people has become.

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Special Report: No place to run for male victims of domestic abuse: Shelters, support groups rare for men whose mates batter them at home, A Detroit News report by Becky Beaupre. Also related stories: Spotlight on Female Abuser: For 13 years, he never hit her back,Special Report: Battered men take problems to Internet

Circumcision tied to higher STD risk, An MSNBC report by Suzanne Zolfo

She hits, he hurts: Women batter men , by Kathleen Parker

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