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Good Will Toward Men

Women Talk Candidly about the Balance of Power Between the Sexes.Free Book

Copyright © 1994 by Jack Kammer
Book Review by Bert H. Hoff


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Jack Kammer, Good Will Toward Men: Women Talk Candidly about the Balance of Power Between the Sexes. (New York, NY: St. Martin's Press, 1994)

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Those of you bummed out by Women Respond to the Men's Movement will be pleased with this book. In Women Respond Laura S. Brown, former president of our Washington State Psychological Association, likens the men's movement to the rise of Hitler and argues, in defiance of the statistics, that a man who kills his wife will get manslaughter while a woman killing her spouse will be convicted of murder. She demonstrates an ability to expound passionately on topics about which she knows nothing, without letting little things like facts or knowledge get in her way. Jack Kammer, by contrast, has found a large number of thoughtful, insightful women, including a former president of the National Organization for Women, who offer encouragement and support to men doing the inner work necessary to eventually bring the genders together.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher points out that there is no anthropological evidence for the utopian matriarchy pointed to by some feminists. She points out that it is ridiculous for Naomi Wolf (The Beauty Myth) to blame men for the fact that women have to remain beautiful and thin all their lives, since the human female animal instinctively seeks to look youthful, healthy and attractive. Regarding sexual harassment, women need to be educated to the kinds of signals they send. Laurie Ingraham, author of the forthcoming Women's Prejudices Toward Men, speaks strongly against sexism against men. Barbara Dority of the Northwest Feminist Anti-Censorship Taskforce (NW-FACT) staunchly calls herself a feminist and won't let others who won't recognize women's responsibilities as well as rights regarding gender conflict.. A commander in the Naval Reserve objects to "dummying down" requirements so women can get ratings easily. Suzanne Steinmetz presents excellent material from her research on domestic violence against men. Ruth Shalit, reporter for The New Republic, puts a new spin on the campus Take Back the Night movement, which she now opposes as too extreme. An attorney talks about defending men falsely accused of rape or child molesting, two of whom committed suicide. An academic objects strongly to the politicization of academia.

The book also has interviews with Char Tosi, wife of the president of the national New Warrior Network, and Elizabeth Herron, partner of Aaron Kipnis, author of Knights Without Armor.

This is a powerful book, mainly because it's comforting to read strong women who are saying the kinds of things that men are attacked for saying. Yes, we do have friends out there.

Jack has created a Web site Good Will Toward Men devoted to this book. Not only does it has excerpts, but it also has material on resistance from the media to publishing and publicizing it.

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