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Some Troubling Facts About Boys

from the book Angry Young Men

Copyright © 1999 by Aaron Kipnis


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Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers, and Counselors can Help "Bad Boys" become Good Men
by Aaron Kipnis

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author Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D.
Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D.

Aaron Kipnis, age 13
Aaron at age 13


  • When both girls and boys are equally misbehaving at schoolboys receive more frequent and severe penalties. Boys, particularly low-achievers, receive 8 to 10 times the reprimands of their female classmates. These reproaches are more likely to occur in front of classmates, whereas girls are more frequently taken aside in private.
  • Boys are removed from classrooms and serve more detention than girls. They comprise 71% of all school suspensions and are expelled at even higher rates. Boys drop out of school 4-to-1 over girls, receive more "Fs," have lower grade point averages, more grade repetitions and failures to graduate.
  • The majority of school violence victims are males who also represent about 3/4ths of all assaults, homicides and suicides.
  • Boys are referred to special education 4-to-1 over girls. They represent over 70% of students labeled as learning disabled and 80% of those sent to programs for the emotionally disturbed.
  • Girls outperform boys in reading and writing by much greater degrees than boys ever outperformed girls in math or science.
  • Boys are the minority of valedictorians, academic scholarship winners, and are in fewer clubs, student governments and school newspapers than girls.
  • Males now number only 44% of college admissions and 41% of graduate students. Almost two thirds of high school girls go on to collage, only slightly more than half of high school boys do. Those without collage degrees are killed on the job 20-to-1 over women.
  • In "combat sports" over 300,000 high school boys are injured, 14,000 are hospitalized, and several are killed each year. About 500,000 adolescent boys risk their mental and physical health by taking steroids to pump up to a "masculine" ideal of performance beyond the natural limits of their bodies.
  • Boys annually receive about three million applications of corporal punishment at schools and about three million boys are being prescribed drugs like Ritalin and Prozac to control their school behavior.
  • Males are the majority of the homeless; HIV positives; physically abused, neglected and murdered children; foster kids awaiting adoption; alcoholics and drug addicts in need of treatment.
  • The United States today has more boys and young men locked up in juvenile institutions, jails, prisons, and mental hospitals than any other nation on earth.

Excerpted From:
Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers and Counselors Can Help "Bad Boys" become Good Men.
All the above statistics are documented, with citations, in the book.

© 1999 Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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