Last Night

by Trevor Garrud

This poem appears in Vol. 1 #1 (Winter 1998) of Men's Voices journal.
 Men's Voices: So men can find their voices and speak their truths


At the moment I feel nothing

Not lover nor hate

Pity or lust

Nothing except this unyielding empty void

That hungers

Deep within me

Your devouring passions

Have sucked dry my emotions

And Now

Left for dead

Scorching in the hot arid sun of buring desire

I crawl on bloodied stumps

Mile upon pain-wrenched mile

Without form or direction

My youth was lost

In the high turbulent winds of time

And blown

Far across the empty husk of virginal innocence

Disembowelled and consumed

The essence of my life

Stains red

The asylum's wall of reality

Then trickles

Slowly into the cold blue abyssal of experience

Where I

Drifting listlessly

Feel only

The soft lapping waves of your memory

And the fathomed depths of your loss

       © 1997 by Trevor Garrud

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