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Learning the Trick of Quiet Open Prairie 1870s

This poem appeared in the January 1996 issue of M.E.N. Magazine

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T.A. Delmore is the author of Ecllipsing F: Crow Poems in Three Parts
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Think of the farmer who stood alone

on a prairie looking through tomorrow

leaning on that man-made fence

bordering a distant yet goodly neighbor.

Ponder some great-uncle

who could not stand silent

so mastered the bagpipe

keeping sound as constant companion.

Open prairies absorbed the cacophonies

and a man's heart begged for dust

or a rain that carried life not yet formed.

When does it happen, that a trick of quiet,

a turn, natural to a prairie man's head

is itched in ritual, while dangling

a hat or catching a whistle of memory

in the brush of his hair. The best of himself

shown in quiet gestures. Like tossing seeds

from callosed hands; creating landscapes

for an expansive God.

T.A. Delmore

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