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Michael Meade on Elder Energy

Michael Meade, Thresholds of Change: Finding Purpose and Inner Authority in Troubled Times

Tape review Copyright © 1997 by Bert H. Hoff

Michael Meade, Thresholds of Change: Finding Purpose and Inner Authority in Troubled Times. (Pacific Grove, CA: Oral Traditioin Archives, 1994)(4 CDs, 4Ĺ hours, $29.95) Order direct from MenWeb

Threasholds of Change tape cover

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If initiation is changing oneís life by changing oneís world-view, then this tape is an initiatory experience. Michael will fully involve your spirit and soul as you listen to this tape of a conference for men and women that Michael conducted at the beginning of this year. The image underlying the conference is that if we donít produce authentic elders out of this makeshift culture, we will lose the coming generations. What is true for all cultures that Michael has studied is that the elders hold the ground while the youngsters make their glorious mistakes. Michael is spellbinding as he weaves his thesis in and out of the Grimm fairy tale "The Drummer." An elder, he tells us, is not merely one who has lived a requisite number of years. The elder is one who has dealt with the life challenges that face us all. Tamed the tyrannical inner giants. Recognized the three faces of the finimine in our lives. Learned the value of stealth and trickery for the gredater good, rather than for personal gain. Learned when to strive and when to surrender. Found and followed the inner threads of purpose in our lives. There is no way I can summarize the gems of wisdom and insight that Michael offers in this tape. I urge you to listen to it and find out for yourself.

From the cover: The dramas and symptoms that erupt in our lives are not simply bad luck due to circumstances. Our wounds are also initiatory scars pointing us toward our purpose and destiny.
Storyteller, mythologist and drummer Michael Meade challenges us to follow our "inner threads of purpose" and suggests surprising strategies for negotiating with our tyrannical inner giants, the value of stealth, trickery and deal-making, knowing when to strive and when to surrender, and the importance of discipline, art, and the feminine voice.

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