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Men and Grief

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Do men grieve differently from women? How do men handle grief? Most of MenWeb's material on men and grief was contributed by Tom Golden, author of Swallowed by a Snake and an international expert.

Swallowed by a Snake
by Thomas R. Golden
Audio tape
Tape review
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"The Well of Grief", a poem written and performed by David Whyte

A Man's Grief, by Tom Golden.

Men, Grief and Ritual, by Tom Golden, continuing the themes developed in "A Man's Grief"

A Tree for My Father, by Tom Golden

On the Anniversary of My Father's Death, by Tom Golden

Men Share About Grief A man in the MenWeb Men's Community Newsgroup posted about the tears and grief he was feeling as his mother is in the hospital. Here's his post, and some of the replies he received.

"The Well of Grief". The text for this poem appears on our Poetry for Men page.

MP3 WebCasts:

Tom Golden
Tom Golden on CNN

Swallowed by a Snake book

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Segment 3

Author and grief expert Tom Golden talks about men and grief. Tape from a seminar for therapists, on men and grief.

Segment 1:
Our culture is, perhaps, the only one that doesn't find a way to let men express and release their grief. Listen to grief expert Tom Golden, author of Swallowed by a Snake, talk about multi-cultural perspectives on men and grief.

Segment 2:
Grief expert Tom Golden talks about how men handle emotions. Men and women handle emotions differently. We need to recognize this and find ways, other than "talking therapy" to help men handle their grief, according to grief expert Tom Golden.

Segment 3:
Grief expert Tom Golden talks about how men grieve. Men and women grieve differently. Neither way is "right" or "wrong," "better" or "worse." We need to recognize and respect these differences if we are to help men handle their grief, according to Tom.

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Men and Depression. This section has articles, an interview with Terry Real, author of I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression, and a review of that book.

Surviving and Living: Male Childhood Sexual Abuse survivors. Articles, personal stories and valuable information; book reviews and an on-line bookstore; and "Witnessing the process ...", an invitation for men to read men's stories and share theirs, as part of the healing process. Scott Abraham, the Assistant WebMaster for this section of MenWeb, is himself a survivor who has helped many men.

Help us help men
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