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Male Menopause

Fact or Fiction?

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Male Menopause book - 2nd edition
Male Menopause

Jed Diamond's new book Male Menopause (updated 2nd edition, SourceBooks, ISBN 1570713979) argues persuasively that it's a fact. And provides lots of practical information and advice on how to deal with it. In this section we present a review of this book, some helpful information on male menopause, and a personal perspective that Jed offered in his talk at the Gaia Bookstore, the first stop on his national tour to promote the book.

  Sex after 50: Loss, Impotence, or a Deeper, Richer Sex Life? Part 2 of a book review of Jed Diamond's book Male Menopause, © 1997 by Bert H. Hoff

Updated 2nd edition of Male Menopause. The hardcover 1st edition has sold out, I'm told, and Jed has come up with a new, updated 2nd edition in paperback. The 2nd edition has updated informatin on Viagra, Viagra for women, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and other topics. Here are comments by Jed about the 2nd edition.

Male Menopause, a book review of Jed Diamond's book Male Menopause, © 1997 by Bert H. Hoff

What is male menopause, anyway? Here's a quick overview of male menopause and how it affects men's lives.

A personal perspective. Author Jed Diamond's remarks at the Gaia Bookstore, his first stop on his tour to promote this book, offer some personal perspectives on male menopause.© 1997 by Jed Diamond and Bert H. Hoff

Top Ten Warning Signs of Male Menopause

Top Ten Life Changes Associated with Male Menopause

Mid-Life and the Shaman/Trickster, an interview with Allan Chinen, by Bert H. Hoff

Men are Not Impotent to Postpone their Sexual Decline, by Gail Sheehy. From New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time (Random House, $25). © 1995 The Detroit News, reprinted with their kind permission.


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 MenaAlive Live long and well. Men's Health and Male Menopause. Jed Diamond, a "men's movement" figure for over a decade and author of Male Menopause has created a site with information about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of male menopause and the Third Age of Life, the challenges we face as we move past childhood and adulthood into elderhood.

 Mid-life Passages has an excellent article by Dr. Anthony Karpas, who first published research on this subject in 1977, and he has done extensive research on the effects of aging on male hormone levels ever since.
  "Perhaps the principal reason male menopause has never been in the public spotlight is because men who experience the characteristic decline in virility during middle age are reluctant or even unwilling to acknowledge the condition.  In fact, in many instances, this condition goes untreated until the male's spouse or companion brings it to the attention of a physician.  The Institute of Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine now offers a comprehensive treatment program for male menopause, a condition that has received scant attention from the medical establishment, the media or from the men it affects."

 Male Menopause, What it is and how to get through it. From the PlainSense men's health site.

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