Menís Work

by Robert Bly

Robert Bly

This morning Iíve been thinking

How much I love the way some men

Keep working with their bills. Youíve been

Alone in the woods, heard that knocking sound

Far off. Itís one of them.

If youíre going to follow your beak

Back to childhood, then the food youíre looking for

Will be far beneath the bark. The beak is so

Close to the brain that some men will want to

Call the whole thing off.

Men who work like this sometimes live in acres

Of scrub trees. I like that cheerful sound.

"Not many people here." "Woodpecker

Friend, call me or Iíll call you. Howís

That wood?" "Hard but wormy."

      Robert Bly

Written for John Lee

Hear MP3 WebCasts of Robert Bly reading his own poems and poems from Rumi, Kabir and other poets.

Hear MP3 WebCasts from a reading by Robert Bly and Thomas R. Smith, editor of the first United States anthology of Alden Nowlan's poems, When He Went to the Store for a Loaf of Bread.

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