Men's Voices  

Men's Voices

So men can find their voices ...
    and speak their Truths


Volume 1 #3 (Summer/Fall 1998)
Volume 1 #2 (Spring/Summer 1998)
Volume 1 #1 (Winter 1998)

Men's Voices: So men can find their voices and speak their truths
ISSN: 1520-247X

What is Men's Voices?

MenWeb has launched Men's Voices quarterly journal.
"So men can find their voices and speak their truths ..."
At heart, it is a journal about men's spirit, soul and shadow, men's "inner work" or Men's Work, what has been called "mythopoetic." But it covers an eclectic range of subjects, including gender justice ("men's rights"), therapy, healing, men's health and other issues important to men. (Subscriptions are $20/year-- 4 issues--and help make it possible to continue to offer MenWeb on-line at no charge. How to subscribe - see info at bottom of this page.)

Men's Voices: So men can find their voices and speak their truths

Jeff Hengst, Mud Man 4
Jeff Hengst,
Mud Man 4

Vol. 1 #3 (Issued Oct. 10, 1998)

Men's Voices: So men can find their voices and speak their truths

A.J. Isbister, Prophesy 5/5/2000
A.J. Isbister,
Prophesy 5/5/2000

Vol. 1 #2 (Issued July 1, 1998)

Men's Voices: So men can find their voices and speak their truths

William Blake, America

Vol. 1 #1 Contents:

Men's Voices is edited and published by the former editor of M.E.N. Magazine, the publication of Seattle M.E.N., Men's Evolvement Network. During Bert Hoff's editorship, M.E.N. Magazine has had a national as well as regional focus. It gained a reputation among leaders of Men's Work throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Men's Voices, like M.E.N. Magazine under Bert's editorship, has a major focus on men's "inner work."

Men's Voices will continue the tradition of ground-breaking interviews, like the ones M.E.N. Magazine has published with Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Robert Moore, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Marion Woodman, Warren Farrell, Aaron Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron, Dr. Sam Osherson, a number of other nationally-published authors, and men active in Men's Work.

It also features men's stories. A man who saw a friend die. A man in conflict with his father. A man torn by divorce. A man connecting with his son.

Articles have focused on men and grief, domestic violence, gender reconciliation, love and betrayal, recovering from the wounds of child sexual abuse, drumming and the use of Native American traditions, and reports on national men's conferences.

Every issue will have three or four poems. We have published an original poem by Robert Bly. Several of our other poets have also published. Most notably, Thomas R. Smith has edited a series of poems by the late Canadian poet Alden Nowlan and recently had a book of his own poems published.

It will continue to contains reviews of books, audio tapes and videos of interest to men.

While a major focus is on men's "inner work," Men's Voices also publishes articles on Men's Rights issues and pieces from the pro-feminist perspective. Other articles have focused on taking Men's Work into prisons and into the community, men and the Earth, and circumcision.

Want to subscribe? Want to get this good stuff? Want to help make it possible for MenWeb to stay on-line and offer this information to the men (and women) who need it? To subscribe, just send $20 to:

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7552 31st Ave NE

Seattle WA 98115

We also have a new archive series, "timeless articles from our archives." The first volume, already available, features Robert Bly, Robert Moore, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, John Lee and more -- for only $6!

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