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It's easy to order the poetry video tapes William Stafford & Robert Bly: A Literary Friendship and Rumi: Poet of the Heart. To order just print out and send in this form.

The price for the Stafford/Bly tape is $19.95, and the Rumi video is $24.95. Please add $3.50 each for shipping and handling. California residents please add 7.5% for sales tax ($1.87 for Rumi video, $1.50 for Stafford/Bly). Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

You can reach Magnolia Films toll-free at 1-888-533-RUMI or 1-888-533-7864 between 9am-7pm West coast time.

Just print out and fill out this page and send it with your check or money order payable to "Magnoilia Films" (U.S. Funds only) to:

Magnolia Films
P.O. Box 2998
San Anselmo, CA. 94979-2998
Title Price How Many? Total
William Stafford & Robert Bly:
A Literary Friendship
      (video, 55 minutes)
Rumi: Poet of the Heart    (video) $24.95    
CA residents add 7.5% sales tax ($1.87-Rumi $1.50-Stafford) $1.87/$1.50    
Shipping and handling - $3.50 each $3.50    

Name:     ________________________________________

Address:  ________________________________________

City:      ____________________ State: ____ Zip: _______

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