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Nov. 2-4, 2001
14th Annual West Michigan Men's Gathering
Robert Bly, John Lee, Robert Moore

The Paths We Took or Did Not Take This weekend we will discuss two Life Paths that each of us, early on, consciously or unconsciouly decided to take. The text Robert Bly has chosen is a Norwegian story about three brothers - We'll call it "The Best Wish". The story lays out the two roads. What happens if your father chooses one road, and you choose the other? What happens if both chose the same road? Bly, Moore and Lee will contribute their thoughts, feelings and insights, and will ask the men to speak of their experiences with these roads . Friday evening of the Conference, we will all be treated to "An E vening With R obert Bly", a public reading of his poetry.

Ebersol Conference Center, Wayland, MI
Call David Merkel - 269-694-4159 for registration information $325/adult; $ 150/son

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