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Editorial Essays
Views on a Number of Men's Issues

by WebMaster Bert H. Hoff
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Here are some editorial essays on a number of men's issues. Many of these were developed from posts I've made on the Men's Forum of The Microsoft Network. They reflect ideas and insights that have come from both my experience on MSN and my conversations with friends in my life.


Domestic Violence in Washington: Time for Action. MenWeb and Men's Voices is introducing a bill into the Washington state legislature this session, for gender equality in social service delivery. Specifically, the bill would require the state to deliver domestic violence services to men as well as women. Here's a bill, an editorial from me entitled Domestic Violence-It's About People, a second editorial called Official Washington Policy: Blame the Victim, and other information about this initiative

Censorship by Mockery. People who have an exclusive lock on the Truth on a proprietary on-lne service are pioneering a new weapon to use against those poor, misguided souls who happen to disagree with them.

Health Communications, Inc. Brews a Toxic Chicken Soup for the Misandrist Soul

Did Domestic Violence attitudes kill Phil Hartman's Wife?

The Death of Phil Hartman - How it Won’t Be Analyzed, by Philip W. Cook, author of Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence (order on-line)

Political Correctness: A One-Way Mirror. Thoughts on a Boston Globe article "Men on the Verge," and how "Political Correctness" contributes to an increasing frustration in American men.

One Man's World: Men Questioning Feminism are Bitter Woman-Haters. NOW and Workplace Homicides of Women, Men "Blaming" Feminism, Implicit Misandry, Breaking Ranks with Feminism: Dangerous to Your Health?, Jonesboro and Montreal: Symbols of Men's Oppression of Women?, Programs for girls in math and science: "equality" or "special privilege" feminism?

One Man's World: Mythopoetics, “Men’s Rights” and Guys Carving out a space in Cyber-space for men to find their voices and speak their Truths in their own ways, without having to "walk on eggshells." Unpopular viewpoints and straightforward language often meet a barrage of objections attempting to silence the voice.

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