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Interviews with people like Robert Bly, James Hillman, Robert A. Johnson, Sam Keen, Robert Moore, John Bradshaw, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Warren Farrell and Marion Woodman.

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No two Robert Bly events are alike, but all are similar in their aim and intent: to awaken the soul from its animal instincts. Here is an account of one Bly event in drawings and words. A Weekend with Robert Bly.

Jed Diamond on Men and Depression

"El DIldo Bandito"—Penis as symbol of DV in Boulder public library: Hang Male-Bashing Out to Dry by Wendy McElroy

Make Sure You're Loved for Who You Really Are, by James Sniechowski, Ph.D. and Judith Sherven, Ph.D.

New section on Dating Violence Against Men

Wounded Masculinity: Parsifal and The Fisher King Wound, by Richard A. Sanderson.

Dating Tips, by Dennis Neder, with ideas from his book Being a Man in a Woman's World

Perpetrators, Victims and Survivors by Veronica Monet

Men Being Men Casualties of 9/11: Men put their bodies on the line to search for survivors and bring out bodies of loved ones by Bert H. Hoff

Drum Circle by T. Namaya

Hi. My name is Donald by Donald D'Haene. A childhood sexual abuse survivor moves on with his life.

Golf (a father story) by Chris Frey

The Lasting Life by James Hillman

Fathers Needed Why fathers are important in a child's life. By Kyle D. Pruett

When the Child Becomes the Caregiver An excerpt from The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study.

Rebel Without a Clue On having tattoos removed - a personal story.

Robert Bly and the Men's Movement Robert Bly was recently awarded the Distinguished Artist 2000 award from the McKnight Foundation. Poet Thomas R. Smith offers a retrospective on Bly and the "men's movement," originally published as part of that award.

The Lace Curtain Censorship in the media. Why don't we hear of men's issues in the media? Why aren't there more men's books? Excerpt from Dr. Warren Farrell's Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say.

The Reply, The Road to Kenora and Admiring My Father. Two poems by Thomas R. Smith from his new book The Dark Indigo Current. Review

Midlife as a Rite of Passage Bill Roberts, author of Crossing the Soul's River: A Rite of Passage for Men, talks about how his own life led him to write this book.

Battered men Why do men stay? A therapist also a victim of domestic violence answers.

Some Troubling Facts About Boys Excerpt from Aaron Kipnis' new book Angry Young Men.

Circumcision: An International Perspective, A wide-ranging, fact-filled overview that dispels a lot of myths. And Tom Golden looks at the issue, Do men "remember" the trauma of circumcision?

Men and Depression. Facts about depression and thoughts on depression by Richard O'Connor, author of Undoing Depression.

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