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Bert's Poetry Page

Here are some of Bert H. Hoff's poems, and some other poems Bert has selected to read for MenWeb.

So here are some of the poems that speak to men.

Poems by Bert H. Hoff
and some other poems read by Bert.

Bert H. Hoff (John Maynard photo)
Photo© 1999 John Maynard

Bert Hoff

The Voice Unseen by Bert H. Hoff.
      (This poem is inspired by Robert Bly's "A Third Body," from his book Sleepers Joining Hands. I am deeply grateful to Robert, for helping me find my own voice and speaking my truth. His poem has been a centerpiece for me, in talking about men, women and relationships.)
      (an original live WebCast, performed for MenWeb.)

Men's Movement to Earth by Bert H. Hoff.
      (an original live WebCast, performed for MenWeb.)

An Unfinished Poem... by Bert H. Hoff. When Bert delivered "Men's Movement to Earth" as the report from the M.E.N. Magazine editor to the Seattle M.E.N. Board, conflict and chaos broke out at the meeting. This humorous poem attempts to make sense of that experience. This poem and "Men's Movement to Earth" are in Bert's poetry book Clarity, available from MenWeb.

Moby Dickless and the Great White Giant by Nathanial Hawthorne's little brother. A humorous attempt to capture the rudderless drifting of the Men's Movement in America.

Father Earth by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Given to me by Jed Diamond. In the oral tradition of poetry and story-telling, this poem is not published...

The Serpant by Ricardo Gutiérrez. This poem was given to me by Miguel Rivera, at a Men's Conference at Mendocino after I told him and Martín Prechtel my own story about the pure-white diamond-back rattler that came into my life when I was following the Oregon Trail on a pilgrimaged back to my Seattle homeland after too long on the East Coast.

Blood Lust by Bert H. Hoff.

Swamp Gas by Bert H. Hoff.

from Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot. This passage is one that Marion Woodman uses as a calming "centering" poem.

from The Gospel of St. Thomas. This passage from the Gnostic Gospels speaks to me.

Names by Rumi. Translated by Robert Bly, in When Grapes Turn to Wine.

Outwitted by Edward Markum.

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