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Purpose and Guidelines

This Web site is created and maintained by The WhiteRock Alternative. It is partially sponsored by Seattle M.E.N., the Men's Evolvement Network. The mission of Seattle M.E.N. is to provide information, support and advocacy for men.

Updated 5/11/97

Our vision is that MenWeb will be the first place where men will go to find out about Men's Work around the country and around the world. Our vision is to be eclectic and inclusive of all Men's Work consistent with our guidelines, but not to be dominated by any one organization or approach to Men's Work. MenWeb will not attempt to be "all things to all people." For example, rather than attempting comprehensive coverage of Men's Rights issues, it will provide a link to the excellent Men's Issues Web site.

We envision a National Advisory Board, to provide elder energy, guidance, ideas and inspiration to MenWeb. Decisions as to what appears in MenWeb will be made by the Webmaster in consultation with this National Advisory Board and consistent with the policies and guidelines listed below:



MenWeb will publish men's stories, articles, interviews, letters, poetry, advertising, announcements, and cartoons in areas consistent with the purpose and the mission of MenWeb (to provide support, information, and advocacy for men), such as:

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