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The Second Adventure of Life

Reinventing Mentors and Elders

by Michael Meade
Recorded live at an intensive workshop on Dec. 5-6, 1998 in Sausalito, CA.
Copyright © 1999 by Oral Tradition


Michael Meade, The Second Adventure of Life: Reinventing Mentors and Elders (Pacific Grove, CA: Oral Tradition, 1999). Read our review. Order on-line - see below.

Michael Meade
The Secoond Adventure of Life - tape set
The Second Adventure of Life: Reinventing Mentors and Elders
by Michael Meade
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From the tape jacket:
Far from being a time of resignation and withdrawal, the second half of life can be an opportunity to live a rich inner life while actively contributing to the community. In this live workshop tape, Meade uses poignant anecdotes from his work with at-risk youth and mythic stories of many cultures to bring the listener closer to the philosophical truths that guide a person from adolescence to the end of life.

In this "second adventure" a person takes intentional risks to become an elder, rather than simply an "older," by extending innate gifts through specific practice and turning from the lament for lost youth toward a positive view of death and ancestors.

Youth and elders have common ground
Michael talks about the common ground that youth and elders share -- an awareness of death. The elders -- the "practice elkders" are driven off the stage and finally sit back and listen to the youth.
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Elders carry Weight
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Elders carry weight, so youth can have their youth, and can be free to cevelop their own possibilities and find their own gifts. Elders have gravity -- they carry the weight.
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Can things chage?
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Gang members get in an argument with Michael Meade and Luis Rodruiguez about whether things can change and whether there is hope. What does this mean for elders? The youth ask "What fight should we jump into?" and Michael's inability to answer this shatters his life-philosophy.
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What happens when there is no center?
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Findings in quantum physics match ancient tribal wisdom in challenging a central tenet of Western philosophy, of man at the center. What does this mean for us today? What does it mean when people don't find their own centers?
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Elders plant seeds, knowing they'll never see the results
Michael talks about elders giving up on powr and material acquisitions, and even on relationships, as they prepare for their next step. One result of this is that they plant seeds without expection of personal reward for themselves, in order to perpetuate what is important and valuable in thier culture.
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5 - 1/2 hours, 4 CDs. $29.95.

Themes discussed include:

  • Finding one's innate gifts
  • The roots of "authentic authority"
  • The necessity of a "world view"
  • The connection between quantum physics and mythology
  • Obstacles to meaningful social change
  • The origins and value of mentoring
  • Ritual
  • The power of the elders.

The Second Adventure of Life Michael Meade $29.95

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