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People say they love you but

would they pay $5 to park in

Venice, California?

"Darling," she would say,

"Put your hands on the car where

we can see 'em."

And the next thing I know I'm

waking up on the floor of the

intensive care ward making friends with

a lot of folks on drugs.

I'm here because

unlike the ancient mariner who

stoppeth one in three,

I got 'em all.


if the ends don't justify the means,

what does?

As IBM would put it,

I'm applied

but not committed.

And welcome to Chuckies'

Kimono Klub.

I have an MFA from the

IBM laughing academy. I need a

deeper, what-is-it-really-like-


of interview.

I'm convinced we are in the last days

just before the ruling class makes the

whole planet unendurable.

Crime saved my fucking life.

It's all one thing and

the only time it ever exists

is now.

Sal Salasin


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Help us help men
Every $20 helps!

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