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Special Issues:

Where are We Going?

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Special Issues: Where is Men's Work Going?

An invitation to dialog about the future direction of the Men's Movement
In March and April, 1995 we published two Special Issues on Where is Men's Work Going? We had recently interviewed Shepherd Bliss, one of the early men in Men's Work. He raised questions about the future direction of Men's Work. I had raised similar questions in my editorial in the December issue. (see Editorial)

Similar concerns were raised at the 4th Annual Wingspan Men's Leaders Conference in November. Andre Heuer, who has been active in bringing Men's Work into prisons and who has written for us, is spearheading a team of five or seven men around the country who bring interesting perspectives to this theme.

We invite you to read these articles, discuss them in your men's group or local gathering of men, and to respond with a letter to the editor or an article. Responses will be published in our hardcopy magazine and on this magark, in order to keep the discussion going. You can reach the editor at

From the Editor

From the Guest Editor Andre Heuer, Minneapolis MN

An Interview with Shepherd Bliss

What's Justice Got to Do with It? by Onaje Benjamin. A perspective on multi-culturalism and the men's movement

Becoming Native to Your Place by Jed Diamond

Where there is no Vision, Men's Work will Perish by Harris Breiman

Beyond Conformity and Group-Think by Andre Heuer

Native American Traditions - Honoring or Exploitation? by Ron Knobbe

Shadow of Initiation by Dale Roads

Gays and Men's Work by Homo Sapiens

Shadow in the Men's Movement? Oh, Shit! by Bennett Spelce

Connection to Men's Work by José Gonzáles

Continuing the Discussion An Invitation to Participate

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